"You need to spread some sunshine"

- Peggi

Peggi was born on Germany’s northernmost island, Sylt. Here, the wind, the sea, and the horizon embody bliss and freedom. As a beach child constantly exploring new things, her early years were the sounds of waves crashing to the shore and her toes sinking into the sand.

Peggi was a beach child constantly flourishing in discovery. She spent her days growing up in sunlight taking in the natural beauty of her home overlooking the North sea. The ocean breeze was her symbolic calling of freedom.

Peggi set off for new shores, leaving Sylt with sparked creativity and emerging ideas.

She worked in Singapore, lived in Bora-Bora, and felt the warmth of the sun in the Bahamas. From the hustle and bustle in Mexico City and the sound of honking in New York to Dubai and Shanghai – her life’s journey led her to every corner of the world. Throughout these experiences, she ultimately discovered her passion as the founder and creative director of Peggell. The name stems from a combination of Peggi and her daughter Elli, who has influenced product development with her youthful and refreshing taste. Peggell was first introduced in 2020 and has been growing ever since. Now opening a flagship store in a fifth location, its aim is to make Peggi’s art and way of living accessible to all by offering worldwide shipping.

A recurring theme in all her must-have items is the sense of ease. The sky, sand, and sea tell her story. Her art represents vitality, energy, and natural quality, which evokes an authentic way of living for women, men, and children who strive for more in life – like Peggi.

Peggell Philosophy

We welcome you to Peggell – an experience that extends far beyond the physical store. We aim to provide an immersive customer experience that caters to your comfort and unique style. Our team awaits to guide you through our boutique, blending fashion with day-to-day endeavors. Grab a friend; we’re excited to welcome you to the Peggell experience.

Start your day off right with our Glamflip; wear it during the day to the beach, then let it transform your look for a night out. The freedom to customize your Glamflip reflects our vision of allowing your unique self to shine through. Choose your base from our sixteen colors, elevate it with a strap, and finish it with our luxuriant charms and ribbons.

As you design your Glamflip, select complementary apparel from our designer partnerships to complete your outfit. For the perfect final touch, statement pieces and everyday staples, elegant and chic, describe our various handbags.

We assist you through your experience, innovating a look, especially to your taste. Peggell invites you to enhance and explore your everyday look. Join our journey in letting us help your inner self shine through.